• Catherine Utley

"Civil partnerships should be extended to siblings" Tory peer

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

20 July 2018

On 20 July the senior Conservative peer and official historian of the Conservative Party, Lord Lexden, set out at length the reasons why civil partnerships should be extended to long-term cohabiting siblings. He was moving the Second Reading of a Private Member’s Bill which he has introduced in the House of Lords. His Civil Partnership Act 2004 (Amendment) (Sibling Couples) Bill attracted strong support from other Conservatives who spoke in the debate. The sole Lib Dem and Labour speakers were hostile. Lord Lexden said afterwards that the Home Office minister who replied to the debate, Baroness Williams of Trafford, failed to deal adequately with the important issues at stake. The government would therefore be pressed to think again, he said. To read Alistair Lexden’s speech and those that followed, click here

The senior Conservative peer, Lord Lexden