• Catherine Utley

Our campaign hits the headlines!

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

3 October 2018

Catherine and Virginia (known as Ginda) Utley

The announcement by the Prime Minister on 2 October that the government intends to extend civil partnerships to opposite sex couples who wish to secure legal rights and safeguards without getting married has led to a storm of media interest in the injustice facing cohabiting siblings and other family members who have no possibility of securing rights and safeguards by any means. The Daily Telegraph published an article by Olivia Utley, who was brought up by her mother and aunt (right). In it she argued that, in extending civil partnerships to heterosexual couples, the government was "fixing a fabricated problem while passing over the chance to fix the real one suffered by cohabiting relations". Her piece (behind the Telegraph's paywall) is here. BBC Online interviewed Catherine Utley here. The interview was translated into Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese and the story subsequently picked up by nine of the BBC's local radio stations which broadcast interviews with Catherine. Vanessa Feltz interviewed Catherine and Virginia Utley for her Radio London breakfast show. We were even mentioned in Radio 4's The News Quiz! News, features and comment articles about the campaign were published in the leading Spanish daily, El Pais as well as in newspapers in the UK. For more on the press and web coverage, see the press page of this website here