• Catherine Utley

Peer calls for legal rights for cohabiting siblings

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

18 January 2019

On 20 July last year Lord Lexden secured an unopposed Second Reading in the House of Lords for his Private Member’s Bill which would enable siblings, who have set up home together as part of a lifetime’s platonic association, to register as civil partners in order to obtain essential legal rights. The Bill will make no further progress because the government will not provide the necessary parliamentary time. The government will, however, provide time for another Private Member’s Bill extending civil partnerships to opposite-sex couples. That Bill had its Second Reading in the Lords on 18 January. During the debate, Alistair Lexden set out once again his arguments for allowing firmly established sibling couples to form civil partnerships.

The whole debate can be read here. Lord Lexden began speaking at 11.23. (Scroll down until you find his name at that time).

Or you can watch Lord Lexden delivering his speech by clicking here